Gitzo geared centre column (Long) Series 5 GS5311LGS

品 牌︰ Gitzo
型 號︰ Gitzo geared centre column (Long) Series 5 GS5311LGS
庫存狀態︰ 有庫存
銷售價︰ $3,440.00
  • 适用捷信5号系列脚架。铝合金材质
  • 最大高度90cm,收起长度69cm。中轴齿轮。重量 1.87kg

Many purists choose Systematic tripods precisely because they don't have centre columns, but sometimes it's useful to have the extra height (or to be able to hang the camera underneath the tripod shoulder on an inverted column. 

This long version aluminium geared centre column is compatible with Series 5 Systematic tripods. The wide-diameter tubing of the column maintains the strength of Systematic whatever height it's set to, while the gear mechanism means heavy loads can be raised or lowered precisely and safely. The extra reach of this long version centre column adds positioning flexibility.

Compared to older Systematic centre columns, the new design features new components, including Gitzo's much-improved Power Disc (with head locking screws) and a convenient retractable hook to allow stabilising counterweights to be hung from the column. The column is fully compatible with the safety catch feature of Gitzo's updated Systematic range, offering secure, accident-proof support, even during changeovers of centre components. 

Tripod 三腳架
總重量 1.9 kg
腳架系列 Series 5
Bags 相機袋
外部尺寸 Height - 90 cm
BallHead 雲台
材料 Material aluminum
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