Artisan & Artist ACAM 114R Black

品 牌︰ Artisan & Artist
型 號︰ Artisan & Artist ACAM 114R Black
庫存狀態︰ 有庫存
銷售價︰ $530.00

The Artisan & Artist* canvas and leather strap is an excellent accessory for your camera. This strap is designed with the "Key Ring" style attachment for mounting on cameras that accept key ring mounts as the Leica M camera. The end of the straps have extra material that helps protect the top plat from the mounting rings. The main part of the strap is made of heavy duty canvas, while the shoulder pad is made up of leather with an inner acrylic pad. This type of acrylic pad helps aid the camera from slipping off the shoulder while adding a soft pad when used around the neck.

Bags 相機袋
外部尺寸 L900×W20×T2mm
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