Artisan & Artist LMB-X2/X-E Black

品 牌︰ Artisan & Artist
型 號︰ Artisan & Artist LMB-X2/X-E Black
庫存狀態︰ 有庫存
銷售價︰ $1,250.00
High quality leather carefully tanned by the skilled craftsmen of Toscana, Italy fits the camera and your hand. The black texture also deepens as you use the case. It is a case which improves while protecting the beautiful form of Leica.
By changing the inner color, you can enjoy the contrast between the exterior and the interior. How about renewing the body image with an unexpected color combination.            
Because of the nature of the leather used for this product, the color will gradually change over the years. Enjoy the changing color as well.                    
※The color of this photo and of the actual product may not necessarily match.                                
※As you continue to use the product, the color will be deepened due to the friction.                              
※If you use the case for many years, there is a possibility for discoloration.                                
Bags 相機袋
外部尺寸 W130×H75×D52m
總重量 60g
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