Artisan & Artist LMB-X2/X-E Bordeaux

品 牌︰ Artisan & Artist
型 號︰ Artisan & Artist LMB-X2/X-E Bordeaux
庫存狀態︰ 有庫存
銷售價︰ $1,250.00
Body case dedicated to Leica X1/X2/X-E. A small swelling is provided on the right side of the lens for better gripping.  It is designed in a way not to bother the simple body style of Leica but to protect it and easy to use.        
This is a body case dedicated to X1/X2/X-E which does not interfere with the simple body style of Leica. Because the high quality leather carefully tanned by the skilled craftsman is used, the longer you use the case, more it fits the camera and your hand.

The case is designed to fit the extrusion on the right side of the lens for higher gripping power. The case protects Leica, and at the same time, provides easy-to-use feature.

Fit for Leica X1,X2 and X-E  camera body, the case is with a bulit-in hand grip to enhance the ease of use.

Bags 相機袋
外部尺寸 50g
總重量 W130×H70×40mm
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