Datacolor Spyder4 PRO Spyder4 Elite UP to Spyder4TV HD UP Kit

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型 號︰ Datacolor Spyder4 PRO Spyder4 Elite UP to Spyder4TV HD UP Kit
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You want the same great color-managed results that you enjoy with your calibrated computer monitor. So why not upgrade with the Spyder4TV HD kit to calibrate your TV and watch your favorite programs in true colors? You get the software and all accessories included to turn your Spyder4 device into an awesome color-calibration system for all TVs in your home. The easy-to-use software is designed to calibrate and make adjustments to the brightness, contrast, color, tint and color temperature. Whether you own a Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, CRT or front projector system, the Spyder4TV HD will measure the current settings of your TV and provide adjustments to bring the screen up to optimum viewing levels – all for a fraction of the cost of a calibration service from one of those big-box retail stores.

So don't rely on your TV's factory settings and don't guess at what the correct settings should be. Take control of your home theater experience and you'll be amazed at the improved level of performance you can achieve with a Spyder4TV HD calibration. View the world in true colors!

Designed for home theater enthusiasts, installers or anyone who wants their home theater TV system to display accurate colors, shadows and details.

* You must own Spyder4PRO or Spyder4ELITE to purchase this upgrade to Spyder4TV HD software.

Improve upon TV default settings: The settings from various manufacturers vary and most likely will not meet your individual needs for your home environment or to properly calibrate your TV. The Spyder4TV HD can measure these settings and make the necessary adjustments for optimum viewing in your environment.

Maximize the life of your TV: It is important that your TV has a balanced picture output to get the longest life possible. Creating a balanced picture by setting proper color temperature and dynamic range helps assure your TV is not “overdriving” the display, which could lead to a shorter service life for your TV and higher power consumption.

Watch in True colors: TV color calibration results in natural colors that tend to reduce eyestrain and show you the picture the director intended.

Blu-ray players compatible: The Spyder4TV HD includes a special test pattern disc for Blu-ray players that makes it easy to optimize movie images displayed on the TV screen.

A Universal Solution: The Spyder4TV HD works with LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED, CRT and Front projectors. It is a universal solution for most TV models.

The Spyder4TV HD is a powerful tool that helps you manage the color displayed on your TV. It is a straightforward installation of the Spyder4TV software as the first step. Next, the Spyder device is placed on the screen with the help of the innovative SpyderWeb attachment device. This is our universal mounting system that securely holds the Spyder device against almost any TV up to 70″ screen size*. You then launch the calibration sequence and the software guides you through the process. The calibration process measures brightness, contrast, color, tint and color temperature. These measured values are analyzed and adjusted as required to give your TV the best picture possible.


Color Accuracy: The Spyder4TV HD sensor measures and adjusts the brightness, contrast, color, tint and color temperature of your display. The result is natural colors, optimized brightness, energy savings and reduced eyestrain.

Calibration Wizard: The software interface takes you step-by-step through your TV settings during the calibration. Comprehensive help screens guide you through each step to achieve the correct color settings. A simple report of the adjusted settings upon completion of the calibration allows you to save and/or print for your future reference.

Compatible with most TV technologies: Works with LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED, CRT and Front projectors. You can calibrate multiple TVs with the Spyder.

Mac and Windows: Spyder4TV introduces compatibility with both systems: Windows (XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64) and Mac OSX (10.4 or higher).

Supports true High Definition with Blu-ray content: Includes a Blu-ray test pattern disc for easy adjustments

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