Garmin Forerunner 15 Black/ Red 香港行貨

品 牌︰ Garmin
型 號︰ Garmin Forerunner 15 Black/ Red
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銷售價︰ $1,349.00 $790.00

The Forerunner 15 is an innovative GPS running watch, which performs outstanding services not only while running. As Activity Tracker it informs about the steps taken everyday (like a fitness watch). In case of prolonged sitting it animates to more exercise. So the Forerunner 15 motivates between workouts to a healthier lifestyle. 

The Forerunner 15 like its predecessor, Forerunner 10, is aimed at runners with a focus on the essentials - but not limited to beginners. Beside to basic information such as distance, time, speed and burned calories, the Forerunner 15 provides substantial additional features.

  • Activity Tracker: With a built-in accelerometer it monitors the movement in everyday life like a fitness watch.
  • Heart rate monitoring (optional).
  • Running Sensor-compatible: you can use it on the treadmill and it displays the distance even without GPS reception.

Really motivating 
Sufficient movement in everyday life is equally as important as regular exercise. Longer periods of physical inactivity move the metabolism heavily down. Who is almost motionless sitting too long at the desk, increases the risk for health problems - regardless of an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the built-in acceleration sensor the Forerunner 15 detects, if you are "lazy" for longer time. On the display appears a prompt to move. The Forerunner 15 also documents all movements between running sessions: It counts the daily steps, calculates the daily distance and the burned calories. The Auto Goal function determines a personal goal set of steps, which applies it to reach anew every day. The more active you structure your everyday life even more the target increases automatically for the following days. The Forerunner 15 motivates to more exercise between the workouts and therefore it promotes health. 

Sport Watch 運動手錶
機身重量 43g
螢幕尺寸 2,5 x 2,4 cm (0,98 x 0,94 inch)
螢幕解析度 55 x 32 Pixel
電池種類 rechargeable lithium-ion
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