Garmin Swim

品 牌︰ Garmin
型 號︰ Garmin Swim
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銷售價︰ $1,199.00

Focus on your technique instead of counting laps with this Garmin Swim Watch. This swimming watch is designed for pool use and tracks your vital swimming stats. Just input the size of the pool in which you're swimming and begin your workout. It automatically knows the stroke you're using and tracks your lengths, number of strokes, distance, pace, and more. With a few button presses, you can also log drills or start timed intervals without constantly monitoring the pool clock. It even calculates your swolf score to help you gauge your swimming efficiency, making it suitable for lap swimmers of all levels. 

Garmin Swim's interface utilizes 6 exterior buttons, so each and every function can be accessed quickly and easily. Garmin Swim is water resistant to 164' (5 ATM). It's designed to have a sleek profile, minimizing drag. A USB ANT stick is also provided with the watch, allowing you to wirelessly transmit your data to your computer and upload it to Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect Online Community
At Garmin Connect, you can track your progress and earn virtual badges for extra motivation. You can also join online challenges and connect, compete, and compare with friends and family around the world. Garmin Connect is available on your computer or compatible mobile device.
Swolf Calculation
Swolf is a measurement of swimming efficiency, calculated by adding the time for one length and the number of strokes for that length. As in golf, a lower score is better. Garmin Swim keeps track of your strokes and time for you, allowing you to focus on technique.
Suitable for Daily Wear
Garmin Swim can also be worn out of the water, and displays your weekly accumulated distance under the time of day. Other watch functions include dual time zones and an alarm.
Data Fields
Calories, Distance, Lengths, Pace, Stroke Rate, Strokes, Stroke Type, Swolf, and Time Elapsed.
Sport Watch 運動手錶
機身重量 1.4 oz (40.0 g)
螢幕尺寸 1.9 x 0.5 x 1.7" (4.8 x 1.3 x 4.4 cm)
螢幕解析度 55 x 31 pixels
防水等級 5 ATM, equivalent to 164' (50 m)
電池效能 1 year
電池種類 User-replaceable CR2032
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