Artisan & Artist ACAM-E20 Khaki

品 牌︰ Artisan & Artist
型 號︰ Artisan & Artist ACAM-E20 Khaki
庫存狀態︰ 有庫存
銷售價︰ $570.00

This new extra slim type camera strap is designed to hold mirrorless camera.

Thanks to patented Easy Slider System, the strap can be adjusted in length in just a few seconds. Just slide the loop, that is specially attached for convenience with your finger to shorten or lengthen the strap in one movement. 

The strap is extra slim with 19mm width and is also very soft and pleasant to skin.

The strap features a tape-type attachment system.


L890~1730 x W19mm



Nylon, Leather

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